Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries Equipment Support


  • Support cGMP validated process controls – read more here.
  • Help reduce your validation time and cost by extending the life-cycle of your equipment – read more here.
  • Understand regulatory compliance – read more here.
  • Supply high quality electronic spare parts – read more here.

Unidec provides off-site control repairs in our lab and on-site support of the following brands and types of equipment:


  • Belimed®
  • Getinge®
  • Girton®
  • Hamo®
  • Hamo-Steris®

Autoclaves and Dry-Heat Ovens

  • Amsco
  • Belimed®
  • Fedegari®
  • Despatch®
  • Getinge®


  • B. Braun Biotech®
  • Bulk Processing Equipment
  • Fermentation Tanks

Equipment Types

  • Mills : Pellet, Cone, Etc.
  • Mixers: Blenders, Planetary, Twin Shell, Double Cone, High Shear Mixer, High Shear Granulator
  • Tablet: Rotary Presses.
  • Cleaning: Ultrasonic Cleaners, Washers.
  • Process: Reactors, Fermenters, Lyophilizers.
  • Fill: Vial Filling Equipment.
  • Inspection: Vial Inspection Equipment.
  • Packaging: Capsule Polisher, Blister, Deduster, Capsule Fillers.
  • Sterilization: Decon Autoclaves, Sterilizer Autoclaves, Dry Heat Ovens.
  • Waste Neutralization Systems.
  • RO, UV Purification, WFI Systems.
  • Refrigeration Systems: Freezers, Refrigerators.

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