Ordering Information

To use our service, do one of the following:

  • Visit our unidec.com shop
  • Call us (610) 527-6587 to get a quote and acquire a return authorization (RA) number or
  • Contact us with your request here
  • Please provide us with the following information:
  • Company name, address and telephone number.
  • Model numbers and quantity of items you are sending.
  • Symptom or problem with unit(s) if known.
  • Purchase Order number.


3603 Winding Way
Newtown Square, PA 19073
Attn: Service Department


Expect to save an average of 65% over OEM charges; additional savings are possible from our No-Trouble-Found policy when no repairs are necessary.

Turn-Around Time

Unidec’s turn-around-time for our PCB service is approximately 10 days. Expedited service is available, see below. All lead-times are subject to parts availability. A shorter turn-around-time will be honored whenever possible.

Expedited Repair

If the customer needs a faster turn-around, an additional fee of 25% above our normal repair charge applies (subject to a minimum fee of $150 USD/item). Immediate priority is given to your equipment.

Emergency Exchange

Unidec stocks various electronic assemblies available for emergency exchange. Please call for availability. An additional fee of 50% above our normal repair charge applies (subject to a minimum charge of $300 USD/item). If an exchange is available, it will be shipped overnight air. The customer may then return the defective trade-in via ground service to complete the exchange.


This catalog’s pricing supersedes all previous issues; pricing is subject to change upon notification. Prices are fixed for normal repairs and testing (see the attached price list). Pricing in this catalog is for continental US customers only; please call, fax or email request for quotations otherwise.

Monthly Repair Specials

Occasionally we offer an additional 10% discount on selected items. A “Monthly Repair Special” post card will be mailed with details of upcoming specials.

Additional Charges

The only exception to our fixed repair charges will be for boards that need customization (settings or parameter) and for items with significant physical damage and physical damage or abuse as a result prior repairs. The additional charges will be assessed based on evaluation of the following criteria:

  • Missing or damaged hardware
  • Damaged etches or plated-through-holes
  • Missing or wrong components

Evaluation Charge

Most evaluations are completed within 4-8 hours of engineering and bench time. An evaluation charge of $80.00/hour is charged when:

  • BER – The unit is found BER (Beyond Economical Repair) due to physical damage, abuse, or unqualified repairs.
  • NTF – The unit is found NTF (No Trouble Found), operating according to original manufacturer’s specifications.

Unidec Warranty

Unidec warrants to its customer, workmanship and materials associated with repairs made at the time of service will be free from defects for a period of ninety (90) days. This period begins when the item is placed in service for up to one (1) year from the date of repair. Unidec will without charge, repair or replace at its own option the defective item upon receipt and determination of its warranty status based on repair records and the cause of failure.


The customer may ship to Unidec by any method. We will arrange the return shipment from Unidec according to your specifications. If no carrier is specified, we will choose a carrier with the best value based on reliability and transit time. We currently use USPS, FedEx, and UPS.


Terms for all Unidec customers are net 30 days. Customers will receive an invoice for all services performed including shipping charges. Our Accounts receivable address is the same as our ship to address. Pennsylvania customers will be billed additionally for taxes incurred as a result of the service unless they provide their tax-exempt certificate.

Credit Card Purchases

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express Corporate purchasing cards. Please provide your card number, cardholder name , reference field (optional), and the expiration date. A transaction statement will be mailed to the cardholder the day of shipment.


If your electronics do not appear in this catalog, Unidec will provide service in most cases if the customer will send the schematic diagram with the defective board. If no schematic is available, we will request the documentation from the OEM or reverse-engineer the assembly.

Restocking Fee

If a customer returns any purchased, exchanged, or loaned equipment, they will be re-invoiced for the original shipping charge (if PPD & Add), expedite fee (if applicable) plus a 15% restocking fee. The restocking fee will cover the re-testing and restocking of the returned unit. The restocking fee does not apply to any trade-ins.

Unidec Reconditioned Sales (RECON)

Please call for pricing and availability or check our website’s Product Inventory link. If you are selling, please give us a call.

International Customers

When shipping to Unidec your commercial/proforma invoice must explicitly state the following:

Country of Origin: USA
USA made goods being returned to USA for repair and return. HS 8534.00 “Printed Circuits”
No Commercial Value; Value declared for customs purpose only.
Unidec EIN: 23-2734324

Return Shipping to International Customers

All repaired equipment will be returned to the customer with following Harmonized Tariff Code: HS 9801.10

“Value for repairs or alterations of previously imported articles repaired or altered prior to exportation from USA.”

Values declared on the export documentation are our catalog repair charges, if other values or information are required to conform to the original import please notify us.

Freight, Duties, Taxes, Payment Fees

All charges including freight, duties, taxes and payment method fee are the responsibility of the customer. We will ship freight collect if the customer provides their account number, otherwise we will prepay and add all costs to the invoice. Please notify Unidec the method of payment that you desire from the following three options:

Check drawn on USA Bank:
International Wire Transfers:
Foreign Bank Check:
 No additional fee
$75 USD fee
$100 USD fee

International Representatives (Re-Sellers) 

Unidec is seeking representatives in regions outside of the continental USA.